Choosing CARPE DIEM hospitality means choosing an authentic and unforgettable experience! Monopoli is ready to amaze you with its beauty and excellence as it overlooks the Valle d'Itria where a lively landscape awaits you: the blue of the sea, the green of the olive groves, the white of the lime that whitens trulli and masserias; all places that you can visit within a short distance.

Alberobello 21 km away

Alberobello was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996 and is the heart of the Valle d'Itria where the Trulli tell the story of Apulia with its small stone houses built with dry-stone walls and typical cone-shaped roofs, carved from limestone boulders gathered from nearby fields.

Locorotondo 17 km away

Locorotondo is characterised by rectangular dwellings with sloping roofs called 'cummerse' made of 'chiancarelle', of which the subsoil is rich. The narrow streets of the historic centre of Locorotondo are wonderful and enchanting, with white lime walls and wrought-iron balconies filled with cascades of multicoloured geraniums.

Cisternino 32 km away

Cisternino: the ancient village that enraptures you is one of the most fascinating in the whole area, where it is a pleasure to get lost in the alleys and small squares, a masterpiece of popular architecture, breathing in the air of the past enveloped by the scent of meat cooked on the cooker in the butcher's shops.

Ostuni 37 km away

A perfect blend of elegance that makes Ostuni magical and known by all as 'the white city'. A walk through the narrow streets with their strictly white houses in the old town centre will allow you to immerse yourself in a world of narrow alleys, cobbled streets framed by marvellous views .

Fasano 12 km away

Rich in masserias, immersed in the green of oaks, pines, olive groves and vineyards, and gently caressed by the sea breeze coming from Torre Canne and Savelletri, renowned localities that host the Zoosafari and Fasanolandia wildlife and amusement park.

Castellana Grotte
12 km away

It is mainly known for its famous caves, karstic cavities that are the main tourist attraction in the area, caves that are now the destination of numerous tourist and speleological visits.

Polignano a Mare
6 km away

Polignano a Mare is a spectacle of nature perched atop a cliff with an endless succession of caves plunging sheer into azure waters and white pebble beaches.

45 km away

The region's capital is a land rich in historical and artistic evidence of great interest and evokes the artistic and cultural splendour of the belle époque; its fulcrum is Bari Vecchia its historic centre rich in folklore and tradition.

Sassi di Matera 70 km away

Matera, 'The City of Sassi', which houses the ancient settlement, the winding alleys, maze of caves, gardens, terraces and tunnels make it a unique example of an architectural complex declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Conversano 18 km away

Conversano, perched on a hill, offers a breathtaking view of the valley below. Its history is thousands of years old, in fact, it was founded by the Messapi in the 7th century B.C. and later inhabited by the Romans, Byzantines and Normans.

Putignano 21 km away

Putignano is famous for its Carnival, one of the oldest and most evocative in Italy. Tradition has it that it started in 1394, when the relics of St Stephen were transferred from Monopoli to Putignano to protect them from Saracen raids

Martina Franca 21 km away

Martina Franca the baroque pearl of the Valle d'Itria is a recommended destination for all lovers of baroque and stately palaces.

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